Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring teaser

It was a beautiful day in the mid 60's here in Kansas City... one of those days that makes you want to throw all your sweaters in the trash, give Old Man Winter the finger and run naked through sprinklers... or maybe just run for hours on the trails in shorts and a t-shirt.  Unfortunately, Old Man Winter hasn't quite left the building yet.... we're looking at possible snow flurries on Saturday.  *sigh*

Today is Thursday which = Gal Gallop day.  The official Gal Gallop starts at 6:30, but I  usually meet my ultra buddies Laurie and Sarah early for a quick 5 miles before the run.  Tonight neither of them could run (poor, poor things) so I hit the River Trails by myself.  I started out cranky due to stupid people driving (read: everyone in my way) so I was glad I was by myself.  I was looking forward to some quiet trail time to get my head right, but within 2 minutes I had almost been creamed by 2 kamikazi cyclists.... and then it all came rushing back.  You see, us girls have had the trails ALL to ourselves on Thursday nights for months now.  Apparently most people forget that there is an outdoors when it gets cold.  It's been fantastic, like having our own private trails and I had forgotten what a pain in the ass it can be to share!

Am I the only one who gets cranky seeing all these fair weather worker-outers?  Dammit!  I've been here all winter.. these trails are mine!   These people missed out on the beauty of the icy, still winter nights when the moon is bright off the snow and the only sounds are the crunch of feet.  Seeing all the different animal tracks, and the joy of leaving the first human tracks in the snow.   I love seeing how much the trails change throughout each and every season, not just the warm ones. I feel sorry for those fair-weather folks, but I don't actually want them to "get it"... I like my secret winter trails. 

*I totally stole that picture from Flickr user cirem... gorgeous shot!

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  1. Yeah. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone about our secret club!