Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Beginnings

I started a blog a few years ago when I fell in love with running... and then I abandoned that blog for many reasons (none of which I will list here)..... but we can just say it was time for a fresh start!

I hope to update this blog a whole lot more regularly, and I also hope to be able to censor myself a little bit... I tended to get pretty wordy at times.  The best blogs are short, sweet and to the point... kinda like me, short, sweet and to the point! (HA!)

I recently passed my RRCA running coaching certification, and I really hope to be able to help others fall in love with running, and train intelligently and successfully whether it's for a 5K or a 100 miler.  I am VP of the Lawrence Trail Hawks and lead a Thursday night woman's trail run in Lawrence for them.  I am turning that run over to the fantastic hands (feet?) of President Laurie and Sarah and starting a similar run in Kansas City in April.

I got into Western States 100 this year, so I will be blabbing a whole lot about that over the next few months.  WS is a special race to me since it was my dad's first 100 miler...  and I helped crew for him at the tender age of  7.  I'm super nervous about this race and trying a whole new training plan. I'm just hoping I don't blow it, since it may be 100 years before I could get into the darn race again!

I will also be sprinkling in some tasty recipes and food info.  Gotta have good fuel to make the body go!  So, yeah... here's to hoping I can keep this one going a bit longer then the 2 years the other one lasted!


  1. Nice blog! Much more... colorful? :)

  2. Heyyyy, are you making fun of my lengthy race reports? ;)

  3. Thanks Levi... I dropped the darkness and the cynicism..all rainbows and unicorns from here on out!

    Laurie- hell no! I was making fun of my own 10 page race reports! Yours are fine!