Sunday, May 1, 2011

Girl Gallops

The Lawrence Trail Hawks decided to start a companion Kansas City run to our Thursday night Lawrence girls run this spring. We meet at Shawnee Mission Park at 6 pm on Thursday nights and I'm really pleased with the interest the run has generated.
The first couple weeks we had some threat of bad weather but we still had 6 ladies ignore the weather reports of severe storms and come out and trot anyway on the first week. ( I'm really sad I forgot to take a picture of our first run!!)  The next rainy Thursday we had a bunch of different people out.. I love the rotation!

  This week we finally had a beautiful night... sunny, warm but with a cool wind.  It was the perfect night for running and we had a blast! I miss all my Lawrence girls, but I'm loving running with and getting to know a brand new group of kick-ass chicks!

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